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MHT Clinic is proud to announce that we are the only certified clinic in Ukraine that is authorized to perform hair-transplant procedures using the one and only - FUE ARTAS Technology
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To keep the natural look and receive guaranteed final results are the most important factors for our clients - which is why we have gathered a team of the most experienced hair transplant specialists in Europe, who practice a comprehensive approach for solving the problem of hair loss.
Your expert center in hair transplant ARTAS
The power of technology you can count on!
Guaranteed result
Thanks to the work of ARTAS and the professionalism of MHT CLINIC specialists, you get the most successful results.
Individual approach
We accompany you at every stage of treatment, answer all your questions, and provide the necessary assistance
Our main secret of success is the use of modernly advanced technologies, namely, the robotic device - ARTAS. This robot performs the hair transplant procedure efficiently and painlessly. We are honored to be the first clinic in Ukraine to use such an innovative technology.
Innovative technologies
The state-of-the-art ARTAS robot is the best hair transplant technology today.
We perform hair transplants for the following manifestations of alopecia:
Androgenic alopecia
≈95% of all hair loss
Hair disease, which leads to increased hair loss, is associated with dysregulation of the hair follicle by sex hormones. Occurs in both men and women
Cicatricial alopecia
injuries, burns, postoperative scars
Treatment of cicatricial alopecia depends on the factors that caused it. It can be the result of an injury or have genetic causes. Both drugs and surgical therapy are used individually
Traction alopecia
trichotillomania and very tight-tyed hair
During traction alopecia, hair falls on the temples and forehead due to external traumatic effects on the hair follicle. Causes: frequent pulling of hair, improper combing, too tight hairstyles.
Line correction
correction of the front line of hair growth
The line of hair growth can be corrected by transplantation, leaving no scars, and create a new shape that best matches the contour of the face. Hair growth line - the key to a beautiful hairstyle!
Our specialists
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Chagarin Anastasia
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Kornienko Solomiya
You get a natural and healthy looking hair in the most painless way!
American made ARTAS provides the smoothes way to perform hair-transplantation, making it a comfortable & painless procedure for our clients!
No scars! Thanks to this approach, the result looks natural.
As of today, MHT CLINIC is the only certified network of clinics authorized to perform transplantation by ARTAS robot in Ukraine.
Our results
Your flawless appearance
- our personal victory!
Our team includes experienced specialists who diagnose, consult and provide hair transplant services. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of hair loss, you get a predictable result that stays with you forever. We accompany you at every stage of treatment, answer all questions, provide the necessary assistance, advise on hair care and any other issues related to transplantation.
What is the cost of the procedure?
The cost of the procedure depends on the degree of alopecia and the desired result. 1 graft = € 1.20 - € 2.20 in UAH at the rate of the NBU.

The first consultation at MHT CLINIC is free. At our first acquaintance, we will be able to determine the desired type of hair and calculate the approximate cost of the procedure.
Will I feel pain?
At the beginning of the procedure is the introduction of anesthesia in the desired area. After that, the patient does not feel any pain. So the only uncomfortable point is a few injections at the beginning of the procedure.

During the transplant, the patient is in complete comfort and relaxed, so often falls asleep.
How long does the operation and rehabilitation last?
On average, the operation lasts from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the amount of work and the complexity of the transplant. During the next 2-3 days it is possible to wear a bandage in the area of hair removal for rapid healing of microtraumas.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis for one day. The next morning after the procedure you need to come to the clinic for an examination and bandaging.
Is there a guarantee that the hair will not fall out again?
Before the operation, patients undergo blood tests, as a result of which we can rule out contraindications and diseases that affect the quality of the procedure.

In the absence of the latter, the transplanted hair does not fall out and here is why: - suitable for transplantation grafts are removed from the occipital area, they are not exposed to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which provokes androgenic alopecia;

- following the rules of the hair transplant procedure and understanding the medical component of the process, we can confidently say that this hair will not fall out after transplantation.
What happens to the donor area (nape) after surgery?
ARTAS technology allows the procedure to be performed with minimal invasiveness, so you can see only small red dots for 2-3 days.
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